GX Series

GX Series

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The GX Series is more than just a pretty face. Sure, it's sleek style is going to standout on your boat deck, but SEVIIN'S built-from-scratch, angler-centric design gives you a reel built to go toe-to-toe with whatever species you target.
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Size: 750
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At SEVIIN, we live by one guiding principal, “if it doesn't improve the reel's performance, we aren't putting it in our reels.” It's this honest approach to innovation that led to the GX Series—a spinning reel purpose-built for flawless performance, whether you're finessing a drop-shot rig or making long casts with a reaction bait. Its carbon/polymer body and rotor provide maximize strength with minimal weight, while the carbon-fiber drag system protects even the lightest finesse rigs from breaking off during the fight.


• Lightweight carbon fiber / polymer body, side cover, and rotor
• 10 + 1 stainless steel bearing system
• Forged and anodized aluminum spool with braid band
• Custom designed aluminum handle with soft-touch knob
• Multi-stack carbon fiber / stainless steel drag system
• Precision hobbed hard brass pinion and diecast helical drive gear
• Geared Slow S-Curve oscillation system with internal support guide
• High-strength 1-piece titanium bail wire resists bending

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A molded polymer body infused with carbon fiber greatly increases strength and stiffness. This provides an extremely lightweight body, side cover, and rotor system that’s super rigid and won't flex under heavy loads. The entire drive train is perfectly aligned to maintain smoothness and sensitivity over time.


The S-Curve design features a super-slow oscillation that ensures line is stacked evenly on the spool resulting in longer casts and fewer line management issues even when using lighter finesse size lines. An internal support guide ensures spool oscillation remains consistent even under heavier drag loads.


One-piece forged aluminum spool is machined and hard anodized. This highly skeletonized design minimizes weight, while maintaining strength. A braid band allows the use of braid tied directly to the spool without the need for backing. A unique spool lip design maximizes casting distance by minimizing line contact during the cast.


Features friction washers made from woven carbon fiber, which is almost impervious to wear. The carbon washers are mated to stainless steel washers providing a wide drag range with minimal variation to protect against break-offs with lighter lines. Two precision stainless steel bearings support the spool providing consistent drag performance under even the heaviest loads.

Model Size Retrieve Gear Ratio Retrieve Rate Weight(OZ) Max Drag (LBS) MONO CAPACITY (YDS/LB TEST) BRAID CAPACITY (YDS/LB TEST) APPLICATION
GXS750 750 Ultralight RH / LH 5.2:1 24" / Turn 6.6 9 110/4 200/6 Small jigs, Inline Spinners, Small tubes, Small crankbaits, grubs
GXS1000 1000 Light RH / LH 5.2:1 24" / Turn 6.6 9 125/6 185/8 Jigs, Inline Spinners, Small tubes, Small crankbaits, grubs
GXS2000 2000 Medium Light RH / LH 6.0:1 32" / Turn 7.5 20 115/8 120/10 Jigs, Shaky Head, Tubes, Soft Jerkbaits, Jerkbaits, Ned rigs, wacky rigs, Neko rigs, grubs
GXS2500 2500 Medium Light RH / LH 6.0:1 32" / Turn 7.5 22 150/10 185/15 Finese jigs, jerkbaits, topwaters, shaky head, dropshot, wacky rigs, bait rigs, Ned rigs, crankbaits, small swimbaits, Neko rigs, grubs
GXS3000 3000 Medium RH / LH 6.0:1 34" / Turn 7.7 22 165/12 215/20 Finese jigs, jerkbaits, topwaters, shaky head, dropshot, wacky rigs, bait rigs, Ned rigs, crankbaits, small swimbaits, grubs