Seven Reasons to Buy a SEVIIN Reel

Seven Reasons to Buy a SEVIIN Reel

At SEVIIN Reels, we believe the reel in your hands should contribute to greater success and satisfaction on the water… never detract from it. Shopping for a new fishing reel? Consider the following seven reasons to own a SEVIIN reel. 

#1 RELIABILITY – Durability and reliability are hallmarks of the SEVIIN brand. Starting with the use of premium materials and driven forward by a less-is-more design philosophy, SEVIIN reels insulate anglers from the headaches and let-downs associated with the common types of reel failures that cost anglers fish and sabotage fishing days. Every run of SEVIIN reels undergoes and must pass a torturous series of tests in SEVIIN’s very own laboratory in Park Falls, Wisconsin to ensure reliability and long-lasting performance before they ever reach anglers’ hands. 

#2 VALUE – SEVIIN reels are purpose-designed and built to outperform their retail price. This is accomplished through the judicious selection of materials, components, and features. Extra time and money are spent on elements that have the most significant impact on performance and reliability. Sometimes, the most-costly parts of a fishing reel contribute the least to angler satisfaction. At SEVIIN, we focus on what’s most important; if a feature doesn’t improve the angling experience, it doesn’t go into our reels. 

#3 FEATURES & COMPONENTS – So, what are those features and components that improve and elevate the angling experience? Consider elements like the Japanese stainless-steel ball bearings we utilize on the spool shafts of our $120 GF Series baitcasting reels, or GF’s thick, rigid, and lightweight carbon fiber handles. Both significantly improve GF’s performance and fishability. Similarly, lightweight and durable carbon polymer bodies work in concert with ultra-smooth and durable carbon fiber drag stacks and precision-hobbed hard brass pinion and diecast helical drive gears to improve the feel and performance of our GS and GX Series spinning reels. 

#4 ANGLER SUPPORT – We take care of our own. SEVIIN Reels is a St. Croix brand, an American, family-owned company that has thrived for more than 75 years – in part – because it has taken care of anglers by putting them first at every opportunity. When you entrust your angling experiences to St. Croix and SEVIIN, you have peace of mind, knowing that you are part of an angling family that makes premium-quality products and stands behind them with one of the best warranty programs in the industry. 

#5 LOOK – Aesthetics are important. All other things equal, the better ANY product looks, the more satisfaction and pride someone will feel in owning and using it. SEVIIN reels are designed to look as good as they perform. From form and color to precision trim and detail work, anodizing, and other finish selections, the premium function of SEVIIN reels is complemented by sizzling yet tasteful design aesthetics that bring identity to a family of reels that are as unique and hard-working as you are. 

#6 SOUND – How a reel sounds is both an emotional touchpoint and an audible reflection of overall quality. Put simply, SEVIIN reels have a great singing voice, which comes to life during the best part of the fishing experience… when you’re hooked up and the fish is running. From a purely functional standpoint, SEVIIN believes anglers should hear more than the sweet sound of our premium-quality carbon fiber drag washers working against their stainless-steel counterparts. All our reels – including the SEVIIN GF baitcasting reel – feature “just-right” audible drag clickers that deliver important feedback, helping anglers better understand what their drag and the fish are doing at any point throughout the fight. 

#7 FEEL – Feel is important because your fishing reel lives and operates in your hands. The handle turns and drives the reel’s gears; the paddle at the end of the handle spins as it is grasped between your finger and thumb. The spool on a baitcasting reel spins on its shaft, supported by bearings; the spool on a spinning reel oscillates up and down while the rotor and bail revolve around it. The drag adjustment knob, star, or lever have a certain feel on every reel, too, as does the drag itself when the spool spins in reverse against its internal washers. Does all this motion feel smooth, solid, and balanced? Do touch surfaces feel satisfying and intuitive? Finally, all reels must be held – the body or frame in the case of a casting reel, and the foot and stem in the case of a spinning reel. Does the reel fit well and feel comfortable and solid in your hand? All of these sensations constitute how a reel “feels,” and SEVIIN reels feel like the precision instruments they are – designed and built to elevate the angling experience instead of detracting from it.

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